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How to Register- Fall 2022 registration opens June 30, 2022

Registrants will first need to create an account. Once you have an account you will be able to register for courses, make payments, track your course history and register for future courses! IMPORTANT- Please ensure all learners are registered under their own name and email address.

1.  Create your account by clicking on the link below.



2. Select Login in the top right hand corner.

Registration home page


3. Select Need to Register?


4. Fill in your name, email and your chosen password to create your account. (Job title, location and organization are not required).


5. Once you have an account, log in to the system under Public login.


6. Click on Search.  Search the title of the course you want to register in. i.e. RVSAL English Language Learning or Computer Basics etc. Please make sure you select the course in your desired location! Tip: All of our course titles begin with RVSAL.


7. Next, choose your course by selecting the date to the right of the course name.

Tips: . **If there is no date beside the course name the course is not currently accepting registrations.**


8. Select Register Now.

9. Make your payment with a credit card.

Questions? Give us a call at 403 463 7669.

  • Please Note: You are not officially registered in a class until payment has been received. You will receive confirmation or cancellation of a course five (5) business days prior to the start date by email.

Please register within seven (7) days of the course start date.

Payment Methods

You can pay for your course by credit card through your registration account by clicking the dollar sign at the top of the page, over the phone, cash in-person in our office or by mailing-in a cheque "Payable to Rocky View Schools".

Refund Policy

Only refund requests submitted prior to the second class will be approved and RVS Adult Learning will withhold a $10 administration fee.

RVS Adult Learning reserves the right to cancel any particular class if registration is insufficient. Full refunds will be granted if a course is cancelled.

Funding Assistance

RVS Adult Learning believes that all residents of Rocky View County should have access to learning opportunities. Funding Assistance may be available for English Language Learning, basic computer classes, literacy and numeracy programs and GED preparation.

If you feel that you are unable to participate in our learning opportunities for any reason, please contact us at adultlearning@rockyview.ab.ca or by phone at 403- 463-7669.


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